Wtf is Amber? Release only on a Green Build

AmberSounds completely sensible.

Why would you do anything else? That would just incur unnecessary risk surely?

No, we would definitely not do that.

Yes you would, and from what I see, in surprisingly large numbers too.

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TODO Comments have no place in Master

octoDon’t get me wrong, as a professional C# developer I love using TODO markers in my code. They document minor details that I need to revisit and allow me as a coder to keep moving with the aim of getting an overall structure in place. I do this in feature branches and I often do a git rebase -i to tidy up all of my local commits into something more meaningful to merge back into the develop or master branch.

As you are reading this I hope that you will agree with the next few points that I make about source code best practices. So here are my views on what I believe to be a sensible perspective on how you treat releasable code.

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